Thursday, May 26, 2011

The day to day...

What do we do each weekend out at the hills? Why, I'm so glad you asked!! Even though the cattle are on the greatest grass on earth (ok, that may be a little biased but its dang close) they still need a few extra supplements to help them through the summer.
So, every weekend we have a set list of tasks that have to be checked off. Each pasture that holds the Black Hereford pairs and the commercial heifers gets salt and Mineral to hold them over through the week. The steers do just fine on salt alone  We also check to make sure all the bulls are in their correct pastures, the cow count is right and everyone looks healthy.

Hoag also reloads all the fly rubs... ( I stay away from the bug killers) These rubs are located by the salt and mineral so while the cows are waiting their turn to get their grub, the walk under the rubs to get a little fly repellent which makes their overall stay in the hills much more pleasant.

That is what we do every weekend, no matter what. On top of those things, we always check to make sure the fences are hot, all the strands are up and the water gaps are holding strong. It's not glamorous but its totally necessary.

Solar Panel to keep the electric fences charged

Water Gaps.. you use what you got!

p.s. The great reward at the end of the day? Chewin the fat, a cold beer and golden oldies on the radio... "These are a few of my favorite things"


  1. Very interesting. Never knew all of this!

  2. Well done - I love it! Aunt Suzanne