Monday, May 2, 2011

May 1, 2011

This is a little off subject but definitely something worth talking about.

On May 1, 2011, US Navy Seals raided a compound outside of Islamabad in Pakistan.  With a carefully coordinated plan of attack supported in whole by President Obama, Team Six moved in.  Once bin Laden was identified, the Seals moved : "  And then the man behind the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil died from an American bullet to his head."     Amen.

I've always been a huge supporter of our Military Men and Women and their fight to do whats right. And never has a day gone by that I haven't been proud to be an American.  But pride doesn't quite sum up the feeling that has swept over our nation today.

Relief.  Gratitude.  Anger.  Justice. Unity. 

Tears for the families of September 11 and the final chapter in what undoubtedly seemed like an endless 10 year search for the murderer of their family members. Unopposed justification for all the years spent looking for this creature to put a stop to his cult following and their malicious ways. May 1, 2011 is a day that will always be remembered, for that day is the day that America proved that we do exactly what we say were going to do. So watch out. 

God Bless America.

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