Wednesday, May 4, 2011

American Black Hereford's - Part Uno

What makes the Ranch world go round? American Black Herefords.

This tutorial is going to happen in installments for multiple reasons. 1) There is a lot of information about our beloved registered breed. B) I don't want you to fall asleep at your computers and 3) I'm in a constant state of being educated and would never presume to know enough to tell you everything.

We'll start with a quick background.

Frank Felton
John Gage
The American Black Hereford Association was established as a non-profit corporation in 1994, by the late John Gage. Gage was originally a Red Hereford man and with genetics whiz Frank Felton, designed the genetic basis for the new breed. The Hoags, who were good friends with Gage, took over the breed and by 1997 we had the first registered American Black Hereford. What started out as a novelty breed and a twinkle in Hoag Sr.'s eye is now a nationally recognized breed and being utilized by almost a 100 breeders in 28 states.

The benefit of using a Black Hereford Bull vs. a Red Hereford bull on a black hided cow is that you always come out with a black or black and white calf.
"So what?"
Good question. When you combine a red bull and a black cow, over 1/4 of her calves will be red.
Sale barns these days are putting a premium on black hided cattle  and are buying red baldies and other colored hides at a discounted price. ( yes, its all about the meat, but I'm sure the cattle had nice personalities too) So naturally, finding a way to produce a premium product is what brings in that money!

Class Dismissed!

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