Monday, June 13, 2011

First comes love...

So this is not a ranch post, not a cooking post and not a garden post.  This is a post about love.  WAIT! Don't go anywhere!! I'm not talking about mushy, The Notebook, type love. I'm talking about friends and family and the love you feel when you know they're happy.

The last weekend I was so blessed to be a witness to an amazing couple who joined together in marriage and the first of many great parties for my very best friend and her husband and their baby on the way. 

There's an expression in a book I just read about having a full love tank. And man, my tank runeth over.  First off, Weddings.  I'm a big wedding sap. It took place out at the Circle S Ranch; an outdoor ceremony, her brothers and dad providing the soundtrack for one of the most memorable moments of their lives, the perfect weather, the amazing company... it just doesn't get any better.  She was a breathtaking bride, he was a stunning groom... I love them and we are so happy for them.

And now time for babies!! Well not for our newlyweds but for my Best Friend and her incredible husband.  I have been blessed with friendship from these two for the last 15 years and it would take hell and high water for me to not throw them a baby shower! He's a Doc, she's a hard working mom to be, they're perfect and I count down the days until their perfect little baby joins the world and I can spoil it rotten ... and then give it back!

Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a little cooking as well so.. we had Rosemary Goat Cheese and Steak Crostini, Audra's Chicken Dip, Pickle Roll ups ( a little pregnancy joke), bruschetta, and amazing cupcakes from Baby Cakes in the River Market.  All delish and just what a few people needed after the wedding festivities. 

I love my  girlfriends, I love their husbands and I just couldn't do another ranch post without getting that out.  (My love tank was too distracting! )
Cheers to you, ladies!

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