Saturday, June 25, 2011

Never ending learning

When I met Hoag and he showed me his place, I was instantly drawn to the patch of crabgrass and weeds behind his house. I knew that someday after we were married, ( yes I knew we'd be married after day two) that I'd have a beautiful garden with all my own veggies and cutting flowers, and butterflies and hummingbirds and....

Well, you get the picture. The catch here? I knew absolutely NOTHING about gardening. Zip, Zero, Nada. I always imagined I'd be a great one.. but I also had the same imaginary thoughts about dancing and , well, that never turned out well for anyone.

So, 2 days after we were married, tiller in hand, I went to conquer this "back yard" of his. 8 hours later, I started to seriously doubt my sanity. What started as a simple little vegetable garden turned into an all hour backyard renovation, complete with landscaping, a new patio, and tiki torches.

As all gardeners know, it is not a recreational hobby. It is an every day labor of love that you either love or hate to love. The upside is I have created a wonderful little oasis. A place to sit and read, eat with family, or dig in the sand.

Our vegetable garden proves bountiful and a much needed relief on the grocery bill and the flower garden attracts its share of butterflies and hummingbirds.

Each day I'm learning something new, whether I want to or not. Today? Protecting my tomatoes (that I impatiently planted way too early knowing full well that Kansas weather is never as it seems) from the impending frost that tonight will bring.

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