Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer's Comin!!

Last night, Hoag and I sat out in the garden chairs for a few hours admiring our new "almost summer" flowers and our veggie garden that has really begun to blossom. It's such a peaceful place

We're nearing the end of lettuce season since the heat has already made my spinach seed out and get weedy. But, there are still a few beautiful heads of Romaine left.

My tomato plants are starting to show some promise. After hot and cold and hot and cold, they are getting a little height on them and a few buds.  This little yellow flower is going to produce my favorite tomato... Cherokee Purple.. mmmmmmmm

I pulled our first beet up which Hoag promptly suggested I make a beet, bacon and goat cheese salad with.. I guess I know whats for dinner tonight!

My hummingbirds make me smile every day. I am amazed at how safe they feel to post up in my garden! They're so beautiful.

These are my Black Eyed Susans. Next to Tulips, they are my favorites. Relatives to sunflowers, happy, smiling, and yellow they brigthen up my whole garden.

With almost summer comes all the lillies you can handle. They're all just about ready but a few of the buds couldn't wait to explode.

My friendly garden kitty, Monica. She takes care of the unwanted pests for me.

Summer's comin' which means sprinkler parties, Arnold Palmers and knock out roses. "these are a few of my favorite things..."

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