Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rider's block...

As much as I love my horses and as peaceful as a ride through the cattle pastures always sounds... something always seems to get in the way.

We Finally got caught up on enough work in the hills to have some company out to enjoy our little piece of paradise. Hoag and I loaded up the horses, shut the door behind Maui (as soon as she sees that cooler come out, she's in the truck waiting to go) and headed for the hills on Friday.

Now normally we leave the horses at home in the big pasture if we're just going to be gone a little while but this was a full weekend deal and with my friend Brittanie coming out for her birthday, I knew I'd at least have one riding buddy.

Here's a little secret: when you dont ride your horses seperately, let alone more than once a month, they tend to get a little ... Shall we say... spoiled? Barn Sour? Inseperable? Obnoxious?

Anyways, Brittanie and I had a nice little ride, checking cattle, fixing a little fence and some good girl talk until I had the bright idea to take the horses swimming. Topaz LOVES to swim and by swim I mean stand up to his shoulders in the stinkiest pond we can find and see how wet he can get mom with pawing. Red, on the other hand, doesn't like to swim... but he does love to soak

This picture was about 30 seconds before my mom decided to head back and Red dropped to the ground :)

I mentioned this bad habit to the birthday girl and thought that we had our bases covered ( "kick like crazy and dont let him stop") but boy, was I ever wrong. From the time we made the decision to head home to the time she took her next breath, Red had dropped his hip and his rider straight to the pond. Brittanie almost had it saved with a graceful dismount until she went to take a step back and, still a little hung up, landed smack in the pond and got soaked to the bone.

Happy Birthday, Brittanie. From your friend, Red. Always keeping you young.

 Who says horses aren't smart??!

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