Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The in between stages...

The impending flood has been weighing heavily on our minds. Each day we check the graphs, check the fields, check the forecast, check the fields.

In the short time between the last post and today the field has flooded... and even since last night when I took these pictures, its flooded more.

View of South Field 6/9/11
View of South Field 6/20/11

Center pasture 6/9/11
Center pasture 6/20/11

 Its really unfortunate because with the impending floods, we didn't fertilize any of the corn.  Judging on how fast its growing this year, it could have been, and with God's grace will be, a great corn crop. 

6/9/11 corn height

6/20/11 corn height

Hoag just walked in shaking his head.  Apparently one foot made all the difference.  The center field is almost completely flooded, south field has standing water and the north field has standing water.   More pictures to follow... along with more prayers.

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