Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boys will be boys

What do you get when you have 7 people, 6 four wheelers, 3 dogs, 2 horses and too many guns?  A fantastic weekend in the hills. 

After many laborious weekends in the hills after longer weekends in the city ( Hoag and I both have office jobs downtown during the week) we decided we were ready for a little downtime with our long lost friends. So after a fast paced Friday to get a majority of the chores done I waited with bated breath for my Big brother, JB, and his Fiance, our friends from Alabama, and my friend from K-State to caravan and hopefully find their way out to the cabin.  That would be the hard part!!

From there, everything else fell into place.  We loaded onto the four wheelers and headed out. What we thought would just be a ranch tour turned out to be Jb's first lesson in moving cattle.   We had a stray bull calf who had slipped through the fence and was badly missing his Mama.  So, the boys went out and, surprisingly enough, moved that big calf without a hitch.  I was a little worried  that this was a bit of a buzz kill seeing how it took almost an hour but JB was ready to go move any other cow that looked like she'd lost her way. I guess it really is in the blood. Success!

From there we went home and Brittanie and I went on our epic ride and upon our return, I decided to put the future Mrs. JB  on my trusty steed instead of the Roller Red since this was her first time.  The last thing I needed was two of my friends soaked to the bone.  Success! 

Then it was the boys ( and the two brides to be) turn for some fun.  Guns loaded, ammo galore and the excitement of 16 yr olds... they headed to the pond to "blow some stuff up"  And that they did.  I wish I could share all the pictures with you but I fear they may scare a few people and make them wonder about our sanity after all. Success!

Come to think of it... you should be a little scared... Of them, not me. I'm totally harmless. Didn't even touch a gun. Just sat peacefully picking wildflowers and taking pictures of my boots... like this!

Once the boys had that out of their systems, it was time for dinner.  A collaborative effort by all of burgers, coleslaw, potato salad, cornbread, corn in the husk, beans and red velvet birthday cake.  I tried to take pictures but I was too hungry and got distracted.  

From there it was guitars, bucket playing, "singing", a fantastic lightning show and great company.  All in all, the trip was a total success and I wish we could do that every weekend.

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