Sunday, October 2, 2011

What I love about KC

**** This just in! Maximum Loin took 2nd place in the Pork, 8th place in chicken and 4th OVERALL!! WAY TO GO BOYS!!!****

There really is no end to this list of the things I love about our city. The people, the BBQ, the history, the BBQ, the spirit and I should remember to mention the BBQ.

The first week of October is the kickoff of the American Royal that hosts everything from Sheep shows to Rodeo's to the Grand Prix for hunter jumpers.  And what better way to get this KC Tradition under way then with a 3 day Barbecue festival.

KC Loft Central, (my city job) always hosts a team called Maximum Loin who have made quite a name for themselves.  The actual competition is on Saturday so Friday night is always a bit of a party night for the city.

Hundreds of tents are set up all around Kemper Arena; bands, beads,  beer and bbq.  Hmm, sounds a bit like heaven.. and maybe it is.  

 All I know is its a great time to get together with friends, eat copious amounts of meat, drink a tinge too much beer and still feel ok in the morning because, Hey, Its the American Royal, how can you not feel awesome!?

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  1. John brought a "Maximum Loin" brisket to the Chiefs tailgate and I have to say it was AWESOME! Now I know why they placed so high. Thanks for the reminders of why we "all" decided to stay in Kansas City.