Sunday, October 30, 2011

ABHA Annual meeting

This was the first year for our new October meeting that coincided perfectly with our American Royal in Kansas City. Normally we try to couple the annual meeting with our annual sale in February which leads to tired faces, short meetings and long long days.

This was also the unveiling of our new ABHA office located in downtown Kansas City right along side ( well not exactly along side but a lot closer than before) the American Hereford Association and a stones through from the Charolais Association.  This is big time people!!

We had a pretty good turn out and talked over important points involving our breed including how excited we are that we have culled out almost every genetic disease that runs through herds so we are squeaky clean! We raised our standards for what new bloodlines can enter into the ABHA from the Hereford side and cheered about our new marketing plan.

All in all it was a nice quick weekend that resulted in nothing but optimism for the years to come.

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