Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rock Bottom

Remember this place? It's been a land of many faces over the months but we're now facing a new batch of issues.  With the receding water we were left with plenty of rock over the 260 acres along with an assortment of balls, toys and too many branches along with some pretty wicked ditches and a new and improved view of the river!

So the guys have spent the last couple days getting the bottoms cleaned up. First we went through with this big rock bucket to get all the big daddy rocks out of the way.

Secondly the skid loader got all the huge branches into a nice little pile.

 Thirdly we had a bonfire down by the river and celebrated with a cold beer.  Clean bottoms call for a celebration right? Clean river bottoms that is, get your mind out of the river.

This year we're trying our hand in Rye which we'll harvest in the spring before the floods inevitably come once again!

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