Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3 down, 72 to go...

Today, 3 years ago,  is the day I married my incredible husband.  During our short dating stint ( 6 months and 1 day before he popped the question) we felt like we could conquer the world. That the world was our oyster. That there will always be a pearl in that oyster... that the pearl....   OK.. I think you get the point. 

Our second date went something like this... "Oh your family has a cattle ranch? Oh how romantic! Oh you want me to come learn and live and love that cattle ranch? No problem! Sign me up! "  Here's what I learned in those past three calving seasons, four breeding season, and close to five years of knowing this amazing man. 

Learn to love the life you live in that very day. Long term goals and great but if you're not loving being at the pens with the poop up to your knees in the 30 degree weather how will you ever appreciate when you finally reach that goal  ( apply other crummy day analogies as necessary)

Learn to cook. Man... I'll tell ya.  I know so many beef recipes these days. And this is coming from a girl that used to eat mainly chicken and fish. But knowing how to cook in general is the best way to heal an aching back and tired feet.  You tell Hoag you have a roast in the oven and he becomes superman to get through the rest of the day.

Agree to disagree.  The cattle don't care how they are brought up to the chute and every second you spend critiquing one another is one more chance for a break away.  If the final result is the same when its over then it was a job well done. 

If the agreeing to disagree doesn't work, perfect your "lock it up" look so you dont have to shout and scare the cattle. 

Love the friends who love you even though they only get to see you in the summer or when they make the trek out to your ranch. They'll be the ones that stick around forever.
Marry someone who has in-laws that you can live within a quarter mile of.  This may seem a bit exclusive but family is forever and you need to have a strong one to get through this biz...called life.

Enjoy the time that you have apart from one another, even if its while he's mowing the pasture or taking out the trash... do something that you wouldn't do with him around. As much as I love my husband I always enjoy the evenings when he goes to the other ranch. I cook something new that would be hard to get him to try, watch chick flicks and I Dont wear Mascara!! WHA!??!?!
Be on the same page with everything. Whether its what the feeding schedule is going to be this season or where you expect your ranch to be in 10 years, its important to know your united with your path especially in the face of adversity. 

The fancy lights of the city are nothing compared to the quiet nights in the truck checking on your new babies in the pasture    
Hide a pair of nice jeans for him for dressing up.  Everything becomes work clothes if you're not careful and when it does come time for a fancy night in the city and he has nothing to wear... well you'll thank me

Never forget where you came from. It's easy if you're not of the cattle world to lose yourself in it and become completely consumed.  But always remember to take a step back and remember your past life and try to incorporate a bit of that in your new life.  Sunday dinners, trips to the Northeast, Sinatra blaring through your house at odd hours of the day... those kind of things!
Say thank you.  Say it often and mean it. With life as busy as it is, its easy for things to go unnoticed or unappreciated... do your best to not let that happen.

Laugh, Sing, Kiss and Dance. Rinse and Repeat.

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