Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fat Bottom Girls

I'm back! Sorry about the delay folks! The feedlot is open and everyone is finding their way as we get it all sorted out!

A few things that have been going on... we weighed our calves on the 15th to get the data for our upcoming sale! ( oh don't you worry, you'll hear more than enough about our ABHA sale on the second Saturday in February)

Then we did another round of vaccinations.  We always like to give them some time in the feedlot so they can be calm and comfortable before we give them their shots.  This round were protecting against blackleg, black disease and enterotoxemia along with a live virus vaccine that will protect against BVD, parainfluenza and bovine respiratory syncytial virus ( see "Am I glowing?" for further info on the vaccines)

And, if that wasn't enough, we also pull hair to test for parentage on our multi-sire pastures, hair color dominance and to test for A.M (Anthrogryposis Multiplex ) on certain heifers and bulls that we think have the possibility of being a carrier.

Those are pretty Mom fingernails
And that's all she wrote! Little guys go into a separate pin, horned cattle are going to get weights to turn their horns down. 
Those are cowboy fingernails
We do this so its easier and safer for the cattleat the bunks ( You'll poke your eye out!) and  to go through the chute, so it's safer for us when we're working them in the pens but most importantly to keep our hard working Brute Squad safe! Nobody likes a horn to the leg!!


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