Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Steak Sandwhiches with Pablano Dressing

The guys have been working hard this week, as they do every week, but today they are particularly close to home so I thought I'd make them a nice dinner "lunch" to help them through their welding day.  They are just getting the bunks in and the top rail welded and even though its a beautiful day out, its still no easy task.


Yesterday, while looking through my Healthy Beef Cookbook, I got the itch for this delish meal.   I took out a flank steak and put it in a resealable gallon bag with equal parts orange juice and lime juice, a pinch of chili powder, a pinch of cumin and some S&P.  It was supposed to be for supper last night and it was supposed to be served over a bed of brown rice with grilled vegetables on the side BUT things change and now its for lunch.

My garden is still thriving... by garden I mean everything but my tomatoes... so I have a ton of Pablanos that I've been struggling to find a use for.  So, I threw those bad boys on the grill to blacken them like I do Red peppers and while that was going I sauteed some onions and garlic.

 From there I added those to my magic bullet ( It's SO much easier to clean up then my food processor)  the peeled and seeded pablanos, a heaping scoop of light sour cream, a heaping scoop of light cream cheese ( the original recipe called for yogurt but I find this to be a little richer)  and top it off with some basil or cilantro or parsley or a mix of all the above.

Grill up your steak... Medium High heat 3-4 minutes on each side. Saute some red peppers but make sure they keep their crunch, toss your buns on the grill ( bread buns, not your buns of course, its not nearly cold enough for that... yet) and get to layering.

A put a few slices of Muenster cheese, steaks, red peppers and topped with the sauce.  If you have extra pablano sauce it makes a great dip for your tortilla chips!!

Back to work Boys!


  1. Oh yummy! I am trying this recipe. Thank you sweet niece.

  2. Love your pictures!! Love finding new ag blogs too!