Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pulled beef Sammies and all the sides

If there is one thing I've learned from my freezer full of beef its this; you cannot screw up a roast if you cook it for 8 hours low and slow.  I've experimented with every cut we have; sirloin tip, rump roast, arm roast, chuck roast, brisket and more and I've found the results to vary a little but all be ridiculously moist and delicious. 

I've started these roasts from frozen solid and completely defrosted. *you'll want to be sure you have the full 8 hours to dedicate to the frozen roasts whereas the defrosted ones can get by in 6 hours no problem*

The base for most of my roasts is the same.  Pat dry the roast, sprinkle with Joes Stuff ( What would I do without Joes Stuff, seriously. It's in almost everything! ) sear on all sides in your cast iron pan. Remove, add one whole chopped onion, four - six cracked cloves of garlic and sautee for 8 minutes on low.  Once those are cooked through add 2 cups of beef stock and scrape up all the yummy bits, add the roast back in the pot, cover with a can of fire roasted tomatoes and pop it in a 250 oven for up to 8 hours. 

Once we get into the cooler months I'll exchange some of that broth for wine, add in rosemary and potatoes and carrots but for tonight's BBQ party we're doing sammies so I'll be shooting for a homemade BBQ sauce to get it all mixed in.

Once your roast has cooked and your house smells like Heaven in Arthur Bryants, Remove the roast to a cutting board with a big dip to catch all the juices or just shred it in another large pot.  Place your drippings on the stove top on med high to get that reducing. You're trying to condense all those amazing flavors. 

Here's where we get creative.  This all depends on how you like your sauce.  Sweet and Savory? Smokey? Rich and Heavy with a little spice? Hoag and I are split between sweet and heavy so it makes for a good challenge. 

Ketchup, brown sugar, Worcestershire, stone ground mustard, a dash of A-1, a dash of yellow mustard, and keep on condensing. This is supposed to be fun people! Just keep tasting. The base you started out with might just be enough for some but I like to have a little bit more to hold my meat together.

Shred your meat, put it back into the pot that the sauce is condensing in and cook a bit longer.

Add some delicious sides , Brittanie's famous baked beans, Mrs. B's  wonderful green apple, goat cheese oober goodness salad, some bbq slaw I whipped up, Great food, good wine. What more could you ask for!?    Bon Appetite!!


  1. Wow....I got hungry just looking at the pictures. You are amazin!

  2. Ok I am just going to come to your house and eat it.