Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KISS Kabobs with Cheesy Garden Orzo

Keep it Simple Sweetheart.  That's what my junior high band director used to say... although I think he had a different word for the sweetheart.  Either way, summer veggies are here and what better way to celebrate nature's bounty then by letting it be the showcase piece! These Kabobs are easy, quick and allow for any variation you please!

 Start out with a bucket of veggies. These are just peppers and onions but tomatoes, squash, eggplant... the possibilities really are endless.  Toss them with a little evoo, s&p and I like to do a little sprinkle of sugar to help them caramelize on the grill.  you can also throw a woody herb in there like rosemary or oregano to add a little kick! 

Then its the meat.  I chose a top sirloin and did my normal marinade of evoo, balsamic, dijon mustard and garlic.  Let that sit for an hour or so to really get yummy!
Skewer away and dont leave a single piece of anything behind! I always wind up with extra veggies but who doesn't love roasted vegetables as a snack! 

In the meantime, boil some water ( I trust you to do this by now!) and cook up a pound of orzo. This little pasta goes fast so don't wander too far! Drain it and throw it back in your hot pan with 2 generous tablespoons of butter, a big handful of parm and whatever other cheeses you have on hand.  I also put goat cheese in mind but Gruyere, mozz, jarslberg, they'd all be delish. I mean its cheese, right?

Next, mix in some chopped fresh spinach and tomatoes. Again, anything can go in here, even those extra roasted veggies you have leftover from your KISS Kabobs!

Grill your Kabobs turning frequently until cooked through.  160 degrees for safe and savory with your beef but you can tell if it only has a little give to it.


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