Sunday, June 3, 2012

Talking a lot of Beef!

What a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon!! The Leavenworth County Beef Improvement Association linked up with  the Missouri Beef Industry Council and Nutritionist, Dieticians and Chefs from across the country for an inside look about the beef cattle industry!

We started out with a great lunch at Bichelmeyer's where we cattle ranchers spread out to answer any questions our guests had, and man, they came prepared! Hoag and I luckily were at a table together and we talked about everything from antibiotic use to artificial insemination to why we chose to raise Black Herefords even down to how much beef we eat on a weekly basis!

From there we went to the Tailgate ranch in Tonganoxie where their ranch manager and one of our fearless leaders, Kirk Sours along with a Nebraska Feedlot owner (pregnancy brain lapse, I can't remember his name)  and Patti Dollarhide from Cargill all sat on a panel to discuss the full cycle of beef production.

As we trickled into the ranch, everyone looked around checking out the pens, the horses, talking about their experiences and enjoying yet another steamy May day in Kansas!

Katie Yunghans chatting it up

Cale Weihe talking with Ms. Patti Dollarhide

The lovely group of America's finest

Our panelist

We spent about an hour listening to the panelist discuss the cycle of beef production from breeding and raising the cattle on a grass ranch to the feedlot and finally to the processing plant. Tons of great info for a lot of people who've never been on or seen anything like this.  

Unfortunately the heat got to me and I had to leave before the Q&A started, ( always my favorite part as it gives us a great opportunity to practice our agvocacy) so I can't report on that. But I can only imagine that these lovely ladies were enamored with the industry and went home feeling 100% confident in their beef production team as a whole :)

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