Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Remembering what's important this 4th of July

Now I love America more than the next guy! And being a red blooded American, what better way to show our appreciation than to blow a bunch of stuff up.. am I right? Right? Wrong.

This year, we need to take care of our current America... and she is thirsty, dry and ready to light up with the smallest match.  According to National Drought Mitigation, 72% of American is categorized as "Abnormally dry" or worse.  This is compared to last year, with what we felt was a terrible year, where 32% of the country was in this category.  The fear is this drought is going to rival or surpass the drought of 1988 which put the agriculture business back $78 million.

Now were all painfully aware of what the residents of Colorado are currently facing.

There is no doubt that these fires are uncontrollable and fueled by dry lands, high winds and excessive periods of  no rain.  How is that any different than any of the midwest?

Besides the obvious effects of the land burning under our feet, this drought has the possibility of affecting each and every one of us where it hurts even more... our wallets.  With the lack of rain our corn and soybean crops are deteriorating rapidly. With higher corn prices comes higher feed costs, lower margin for error resulting in higher beef costs.

I know this is not my normal cheery blog but I want us all to be painfully aware of the situation were in.  It's not to be taken lightly.  Some big cities have banned fireworks which is great for this year but for those of us that live outside the city limits, rules seldom reach us or are enforced.

So please, use your heads, play with snakes and smoke bombs.  Keep a hose close by in case something does spark and be mindful of your neighbors.  Some of us are trying to grow food for the nation and we need every blade of grass we can get!

Happy Birthday America.  We'll do our best to take better care of you from now on.

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