Friday, July 15, 2011

So, you wanna be a cowboy?

It looks so romantic in the movies... rugged men riding off into the sunset on their trusty horses.  Their weathered faces slightly shadowed by their ever present cowboy hat.  Every girls wants them... every guys wants to think they can be them. 

But if you only knew what it really took to be a cowboy, you may not be so quick to jump!! We have been so fortunate to get one of the best cowboys out there and I giggle at what his resume would look like if he let me write it.

Camp Counselor

Vet Tech

Fire Chief

Master Gardener


Rodeo Clown

Body Guard

Tattoo Artist

This? This is a story for another day but he was back to work 3 days later.

Dependable, Assiduous, Reputable and consistent.  He works 363 days a year, at least 16 hours a day; rain, snow, sleet and shine.  He's the glue that holds the ranch together and keeps the tractors running. 

It's not for everyone but those who can handle it are admired and respected by all.


  1. I wonder, do the Siskiyou County Cowboy's wear as many hats?

  2. Handy as the pocket on your shirt, he is!