Saturday, July 2, 2011

Come hell or high water

With temps in the triple digits and a flood level of 30 ft, its seems we've found ourselves in quite a predicament. As with all forecasts, the river flood forecast has gone from "nothing to worry about" to " it'll all be out of here withing 72 hours" to " well, there goes our corn crop... for the fourth year in a row"

After spending an amazing week in Three Forks, Montana there is a lot on my mind.  But to stay focused we'll just talk about the floods.
There is still a little corn in this pic from last week

 A river runs through it.

Three Forks is where three rivers come together to form the Mighty Missouri.  It's obvious by the high levels of rainfall, boggy rivers, and 220% snow pack Mountains (220% more snow pack than last year that hasn't melted as of June 28) That there was going to be an excess of water.
House on the Gallatin
Snow in Yellowstone at 6,000 ft

So, here's my question.  Why, if the "experts" knew we had 220% snow pack, an exceptionally rainy spring and leftover water from last year, did we not start releasing this water at a more reasonable rate earlier in the season?

I've heard many rumors/excuses.  A few of them being that the recreational second homers built around the dams didn't want their lake levels to get too low, that certain species of birds are nesting earlier in the spring and releasing the dam water would disturb their cycles... none of it makes sense to me. I'm not claiming to know more than the USACE but I know a simple math problem when I see it. 

And this certainly does not look like an answer

Farming and Ranching has taught me there's a lot out there I can't control.  For my type A personality it took a few years to learn to go with the flow, adapt to the circumstances and get up and go back to work each day... no matter what. 

We'll get through this, just as we have in the past.  I hope the others who have been flooded can do the same.

How is the flooding affecting your area? Are you in a completely different boat with no rain in sight?

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  1. I find my heart being conflicted with the current weather patterns. Hoag just left for Texas where they are considered a "natural disaster" due to the extreme drought. Each night I pray for rain in the south and for sparse intermittent showers here at home. With the high temps we could use a little sprinkle but the impending waters creeping into town makes me so nervous!