Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Boys are back in town...

It's that time of year! Time to bring the boys on home and let the Mama's finish teaching their babies the ropes before we wean in September.  

It was exactly 60 days from when we let them loose in the Hills and, knowing our boys, they completed their task.  Now its nothing but rest and relaxation and a lot of bellowing, dirt slinging and swimming in the deep end of the pool for the rest of the summer.

Here's your starting line up

This is Bill, he's in accounting, he enjoys collecting stomped flies in his spare time.

Chief is a little preoccupied with following around his ladies to pose for a picture. He gave me the stink eye so I headed for the Hills... literally and figuratively. 

Sampson thought we we're playing a game of hide and seek. He was hiding from his ladies.. (apparently he's a quick worker) and I was trying to scout him out.  He's a fast bugger!! 

George wouldn't come out of the pool no matter how much I begged.  It was really really hot that day. 

This year we added to new lines of genetics into the mix.  Gotta keep it fresh, ya know!



They're really big and apparently I have an aversion to red because every time they'd swish their tails I'd start to run.  I guess I'm still getting used to these big fellas... who would ever think that they were once this size!!

Not pictured... these guys.  They were enjoying their swimming lessons and were not even entertaining the fact that it might be fun to torment the human.

I see you big dude!!!

These boys wanted nothing to do with my Paparazzi!! I'll find you one of these days... you can't hide forever.

Once Sale Time comes around, we'll have them all posed and pretty.  But for now, they're off to the pools to work on their summer tans.

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