Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lean, Mean, Beef Eatin' Machines!

The other day while floating on the Internet I came across this article on Yahoo grilling your way to a flatter belly   and was mildly intrigued ... and then grossly appalled. Not only was beef not mentioned until the 11th option but it wasn't even the leanest option.  Not to mention, I had a coworker in my ear who also saw the article and said , " I know the answer, chicken chicken chicken"  ... good thing I have a portable soap box.

Myths about Beef... and their wonderful truths.

Red meat causes cancer

      Although this was a popular scare tactic in the 70's, this myth has been debunked time and time again.  The highest risk for colon cancer in meats is found in your processed meats, (i.e. hot dogs, salami, cured meats etc) and in burnt meat.  These studies indicate that when meat (any meat, not just red meat) becomes charred, it can release carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals.  But who wants to eat burnt meat anyways?  160 degrees is all your beef has to reach to be completely Safe and Savory.

Cattle are fed antibiotics in their feed which is transferred to my food.

  This is such an important subject.  There are just gobs of misinformation out there to scare people into rallying against cattle farmers.  A healthy cow herd is our livelihood.  Without our cattle, and our land for that matter, being in tip top shape we have nothing.  There is no benefit for farmers and ranchers to abuse the animals and land that we solely depend on. The antibiotics keep our herds healthy, productive, and happy. .  ... I'm starting to go off on a tangent,  You probably don't want me to get started on this again. A is for Antibiotics 

Beef causes Heart Disease

   It's not the beef that's causing your heart disease, people! It's the Bearnaise sauce you're topping it with, the onion rings and loaded baked potatoes that are on the same plate and undoubtedly the Diet Coke you ordered because you're trying to be "healthy".  Our diets, as a whole, have changed over the last 50-70 years where home cooked meals have been replaced with microwaves and drive thrus, carrots are replaced with Cheetos and water is a thing of the past.  Beef has been a constant scapegoat for those people who have eaten a fast food cheeseburger every day and suffer from Heart Disease.  Common Sense is absent in those studies.   

 Vegetarians live longer than beef eaters.

Protein   Selenium    B12    Zinc    Niacin     B6  Phosphorus   Choline    Iron    Riboflavin 

God created these vitamins and put them in a delicate balance within our meats, fruits and vegetables so they could be absorbed properly in the body.  Even with a daily dose of what would no doubt be at least 20 different vitamins, you still would not have the proper absorption leaving you with a likely zinc and Selenium deficiency . 

Beef for growing children is also of utmost importance.  Beef supplies an abundant amount of key nutrients to help children and tweens grow to be strong and healthy. Nutrients that are found in beef—protein, zinc, phosphorus and iron—contribute to optimal growth, cognitive function, red blood cell development and preventing iron deficiency during the adolescent years.

 Beef makes you fat 

    "Calorie for calorie, lean beef is one of the most flavorful and efficient ways to meet the daily value for 10 essential nutrients like iron, zinc and B vitamins and beef also provides 20 grams of protein per serving. "

There are plenty of wonderful protein options out there and chicken has received the most publicity about being a "healthier" option.  Beef offers 29 options of lean cuts with a smidgen more healthy fat and oodles more protein.  Plus, how many ways can you cook a chicken breast? With all these lean, savory, and healthy cuts a beef, the sky is the limit!!

If you're not sure how to utilize all these amazing cuts of beef for dinner, the lovely people at  Beef, its whats for dinner would be more than happy to help you brainstorm!!

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