Monday, August 1, 2011

Ms. Maui, the wonder dog

There are dogs. The kind of dogs that will sit if you have a treat, tear up your favorite shoes and maybe tell you when they have to go to the bathroom... maybe.

And then there are wonder dogs.  Our dog Maui falls into the second category.

After Hoag and I got married, we knew we wanted a dog to help complete our family.  His family is a Dobie group. Big scary Dobermans with pointy ears and teeth.  As much as I was drawn to the idea of having a terrifying looking dog to protect me while he travels, my family is a German Shepherd family.  Protective, family oriented, smart and fiercely loyal.  So we began what would seem to be an endless search...

and then we found her.  4 months old in St. Louis, Mo; Serendipity German Shepherd Rescue had found her wandering the streets. Her now pointy and enormous ears flopped down, 24 lbs and badly needing a home.  She was ours after a 15 page question answer and short essay interview packet.  I didn't even take my ACT's as seriously as I did applying for this mystery dog. 

It's a big risk saying, "I do" to a dog you've never met but I knew God had figured this one out for us so we just rolled with it.  We met in Columbia, Mo and after a quick walk around the McDonald's we were on our way home. One happy family. 

From there it was straight to the hills and it was as if she'd been with us her whole life... all 4 months of it! I think she's spent a total of 15 days over the last 2 years on a leash, the rest of the time she's by our side or just a quick " Maui Whistle" away.  Where is she when she goes away?

If the pools open and Maui is missing, you can bet she's in it.  If it's not open? She's probably in a pond somewhere or some gross puddle of mystery water, or with one paw in her water bowl.  She lives for the water and shaking as closely as she can to you.

But who could be mad about something like that?!  Over the last two years she's learned just about everything.  She herds cattle from afar... ( we once had a traumatic 50 1st time cows vs. maui episode that resulted in Maui always taking the wing position) , she plays fetch, rides in whatever we tell her to, weeds, cleans stalls, herds cats and helps do the dishes.  No, I'm not kidding about the weeding.  It's a sight to see. 

I always prayed we'd have a dog like this someday, I just never guessed it'd be this easy! She is the best, most hilarious, loyal, caring friend I could want to be all covered in hair. And the only girl that I would let lick my husbands hand.  She's our Kid and she's here to stay!! 

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  1. I can attest to the fact that Maui is indeed, an "incredible" dog. However, I think any dog under Natalie's love and tuteladge would be awesome.