Sunday, August 21, 2011

All is well...

It rained last week.  And it rained today.  And the earth is just a little bit happier.

In other news, we got the babies vaccinated.  Unfortunately this lady had to work downtown during that whole experience and I've yet to convince Hoag to take over the camera when I can't be there. This dang city job really gets in the way of what I love to do.

So, I distract myself with the things I'm looking forward to on the ranch the next few weeks.

A) Getting back out to the hills to see all the babies and how they've grown over the summer

B) Preg checking the cows and then running back to the home place to give the bulls their proverbial fist bump for their success this year.

C) Getting through weaning.  Although it is a necessary and oober important part of raising cattle, my mom heart always has a hard time that first day.  But, I know that within three days those babies will be off in their own pasture happy as clams and the mom's will be in their "spa" drinking green leaf mimosas and chatting about their latest soap opera developments. ( hey, you never know!!)

D) Opening the feedlot and having everyone back home. There's something so reassuring to having all your cattle back right where you can hear, see and smell them every day.  I imagine its something like having all your kids back from college for the summer.

E) Fall.  I know its still just a twinkle in our eye but my favorite season of the year deserves lots of build up for all its beauty.  I can already smell the first wafts of chimney fires .

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