Monday, March 11, 2013

we got oursleves a 'twofer'!

You know that perfect pair of boots? The ones that go with every outfit; that were broke in just right; that you just couldn't imagine living without? Well that's the way we viewed cowboy John.  Dependable, hard working, versatile.

So you could imagine our heartbreak when he got an offer he couldn't refuse.  He decided to move out west ( central KS, dont get carried away) to become a partner in another cattle operation.  We were heartbroken but really excited for his opportunity. Afterall, we couldn't expect him to stay with us forever, right?

So just when we felt like all was lost and we'd never find another cowboy quite like him, we found Brandon ... and his brother in law, Brandon.  Yep, you read that right.  Two Brandons, One Family. It's the things dreams are made of.  For the sake of confusion from this point on, we'll call them North and South. ( dont tell them this, they're from Texas and I'm sure North would not appreciate nickname)

 South ( always in a baseball cap) started with us while John was still here, learning the ropes, getting in the groove, and that poor guy got thrown in right before sale time hit.  Talk about a crash course during one of the hardest times of the year.   The only thing worse than starting right before sale time? Starting right at the beginning of calving... poor poor North.

So here we are, North ( the cowboy hat type)  has a wonderful little family with two boys a little older than lil Hoagie so he has someone to get in trouble with. And our young pup, South, who seems to be cowboy John 10 years ago, Mr. "fix it and if I dont know how I'll learn". Always good to have on the ranch.

They're a little camera shy in their new habitat but I'm sure I'll break em in soon!

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