Thursday, March 14, 2013

In other news...

Other reasons why I've turned into a bad blogger?   Too many commitments! One little job after another means I need a big marker board to keep things straight... ( Need, dont have, that's why I'm always feeling crazy!!!)

So,  here's my little two cents that goes in the Kansas Stockman each month.  Basically I just write a few words about what's going on with the Black Hereford Association so people are always thinking about us!

April's Issue:

The sales are wrapping up, the snow is melting and the baby calves are quickly making their debuts! If you’re a spring calving operation that uses live cover for breeding you should be seeing at least 65% of your babies by the end of your first 21 day breeding cycle.  That makes for a very busy first couple of weeks.  If your numbers are much less than that, you may want to consider looking into your cow nutrition or your herd bull battery.  Your heifers should be 65% of their full adult weight upon breeding and 85% of their adult weight at delivery of their first calf. 

Although the snow is less than desirable during the thick of calving season, we hope it will provide some much needed relief from the drought we’ve all be suffering through.  The uncertainty of Mother Nature has made for smaller herds for this upcoming year but if you find yourself needing a bull as the rain (hopefully) continues to fall, please contact me at(913) 727-1266.

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