Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Because Maui wants you to !

And honestly, who could resist that face!  This year, Hoag and I are running in the 5K to support our local no kill shelter, Wayside Waifs.  We're not much for running but for a cause as good as this one, we're willing to suck it up! 

I dont normally do this, but we'd love your support so we can support them.  

On behalf of all the animals who find love, care and a temporary place of respite at Wayside Waifs, I am excited to represent this incredible organization by participating in the 22 Annual Strutt With Your Mutt on Sept. 22.  I am proud to run/strutt in support of Wayside Waifs, Kansas City's largest no kill pet adoption center.  I hope you will consider making a gift on my behalf.  

Did you know:

·  Wayside Waifs is responsible for placing 1/3 of all animals adopted from Kansas City area shelters
·  Wayside Waifs offers 10 Humane Education programs to children in schools from all over the metropolitan area, including No More Bullies, an anti-violence program
·  25% of the animals at Wayside Waifs are purebred
·  Wayside Waifs has a FEMA certified Animal Rescue and Response Team, trained to respond to natural disasters, hording situations, and puppy mill rescues on a regional level.

We will all be running the 5K September 22 in brookside and we'd love your support! Please visit our donation page to help us reach our goal! No gift is too small ( or too big for that matter!)  

Thank you for your help in supporting those who take on the task of housing KC's homeless pets. And be sure to check your local shelters before visiting the breeders !

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