Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Time Burning... or not?

So this would normally be the time of year where we'd start talking about burning our pastures and all the entails.  Its an exciting, scary, amazing time of year with lots of photo opps and heart racing moments. 

But! With the amount of drought we had last year, the animals ate down the grass so well that there isn't as much of a need.  Generally we would pull the cattle before it got to that point but with the shortage of rain, there really was nowhere else to put them.  Plus, with the lack of moisture we've had over the winter time, the risk of burning is much higher than normal around this time of year. 

So instead, we are letting nature take its course.  Even though prairie burning is done as a replication of what mother nature generally does on her own, I imagine, even she, took a year or two off from setting the hills ablaze. 

I'm happy to leave with you with some nostalgic pictures from last years burning to tide you over for a bit! Also, Pioneer Woman just did a great blog on why and how we burn the hills if you'd like even more info!

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