Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Baby time round here!

This was the beautiful amazing snow we had a few weeks ago. Beautiful because it was white, amazing because it only stayed around for 1 day which is just about perfect in my world when it comes to snowfall. As always, snowfall generally means I can't make it to my downtown job ( especially since this day the roads were so extra slippery that even cowboy John warned me.. and NOTHIN' scares him) so I popped in my truck to meet Hoag down in the timber pasture where our veteran Mamas spend their winter to have babies.

There had been a sighting of a calf during feeding but when I got the phone call from Hoag that he couldn't seem to find it, Maui and I had to use our female intuition to sniff this one out.  These older Mamas know all the tricks of the land and can almost always find a great place to leave their Lil ones while they eat, drink and chew cud with the gals. 

So that's what we did, and we found this sweet little nugget hiding under a log with a nice dry spot just sleeping while her Mama was away.  Isn't she so cute?!

Even though her mom had done a great job cleaning her and getting her up and walking, Maui thought she still looked a little cold so she went to work while Hoag set up shop to weigh, tag, and iodine her.

So, Hoag gets his sling and wraps it under the calves belly and hooks the scale to the loops and uses his giant muscles to lift up the baby to get the proper birth weight.

" What is going on around here?! One minute I'm asleep under the log and the next I'm floating through the air!"  After he gets the weights, he sprays iodine on the belly button where the umbilical chord was attached and then he tags their ear so we can keep track.  The boys get a number that is the same as their mamas and for our records they'll have a Z in front of their name.  The little girls get a 12 and whatever order they're born in, so she was 1203. 

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