Monday, December 5, 2011

On the Cow Walk

Welcome, Welcome! The ladies are all here for the Cow Walk to show off their new winter hairdo's! We have some old classics and some new updo's and the girls are just chomping at their cud to get the show started!

We start the show off with Melda who is sporting a great set of highlights. Melda also loves to wear her silage lipstick when she's going out on a hot date!

Quinn rocks the swoop. She pulls her inspiration from her favorite celebs like Rhianna  and Alfalfa.

Next we have the "just in from the pasture" look that Claire wears on a daily basis.  She calls herself low maintenance, the other girls call her lazy.

Patsy is a little stuck in the 50's when her favorite stooge, Moe was hot on the screens.  She swears she doesn't use a bowl to maintain this Hair do but the birds say otherwise.

Ahem... at home perm anyone? I think we'll move on, Candice.

At last we have the real Mohawk worn proudly by Sam.  She's a live on the edge of the ridge type gal. Likes snowboarding, competitive hay eating and can scare away a pack of coyotes with the toss of her head.

And lastly we have Gertrude.  Ollld Gertrude... She's a unique lookin' gal and we love her all the more for that.  Good ol Gerty.  That's about all I have to say about that

Join us next time!!

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